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Fioptics Plus

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What is Fioptics+?

In this comprehensive guide, we delve into the intricacies of Fioptics Plus and introduce our latest streaming product. We provide a detailed exploration of Fioptics Plus powered by TiVo, illuminating how it elevates your TV experience to new heights. Starting with a clear understanding of its functionality and its transformative impact on entertainment, this guide navigates through the myriad benefits and features that Fioptics Plus brings to enhance your viewing pleasure.

Introducing Fioptics+ Powered by TiVo

What is the Difference Between Fioptics+ and previous TV?

Fioptics+ is a streaming platform that is powered by TiVo. This allows us to enhance your TV experience by connecting all your streaming devices into one. The biggest advantage with Fioptics+ is that it allows you to bring your existing devices to your ecosystem and connecting everything together without having a required cable box. Simply connect the TiVo Powered box to a power outlet and HDMI cable simply get all your streaming content in one place. The Fioptics+ service will allow you stream on your own devices without the need for Cable box.

Compared to the previous generation of TV service, we are now able to provide more features like, cloud DVR, Universal search, connected library, Fioptics+ app and many more. With our previous TV service you were not able to connect to the Fioptics+ app and start streaming TV anywhere you go. Now you will be able to stream your favorite content anywhere you want to take it.

By leveraging the Google Play store built into the TiVo system, you will also be able to customize your application and connect your home devices all in one place. The Play store will bring more power to your TV system by giving you access to Games, Applications and Streaming services that were never available before.

Fioptics+ and Google Play Store

Google Assistant

While our previous platform was a Video retrieving service, our new Fioptics+ powered by TiVo is based on Google’s platform. This allows you to leverage all the key features that Google has to offer like Google Assistant. This allows you to ask Google’s Assistant questions that you want answered. This powerful system will allow you to have a personal assistant in front of your TV. Leveraging the power of artificial intelligence, Google Assistant responds to voice commands, providing users with a hands-free and intuitive way to interact with their devices. Whether it’s setting reminders, sending texts, or answering queries, Google Assistant’s natural language processing capabilities make it adept at understanding context and delivering relevant information. With its continuous learning algorithms, the more you use Google Assistant, the more it tailors its responses to your preferences, creating a personalized and efficient virtual companion.

Beyond its fundamental utility, Google Assistant plays a pivotal role in smart home ecosystems, allowing users to control connected devices with simple voice commands. From adjusting the thermostat to dimming the lights, Google Assistant transforms homes into smart, responsive environments. Its compatibility with a wide array of third-party apps and services further expands its versatility, making it a central hub for managing various aspects of modern life. As Google continues to refine and expand the capabilities of Assistant, it remains at the forefront of voice-activated virtual assistants, reshaping the way we interact with technology in our daily lives.

Google Assistant and Fioptics+

Universal Search

With Universal Search all your streaming apps will be connected all together. You will be able to view all your different content by looking at Universal Search, something that we have not offered before. By combining Netflix, Hulu, Youtube or other streaming sources together you will be able to connect all your content.

Universal Search with Fioptics+

Fioptics+ Start Over & Catch Up

Start Over feature is a user-friendly option that allows viewers to restart a live television program from the beginning, even if they join the broadcast after it has already started. This feature provides a convenient solution for those who tune into a live show late or wish to watch the entire program from the start. By offering the ability to rewind and commence a live broadcast at the beginning, TiVo enhances the flexibility and control users have over their TV viewing experience.

Catch Up feature facilitates the retrieval of previously aired episodes or content on demand. This functionality is particularly useful for users who may have missed the original airing of a show and want the convenience of catching up at their leisure. “Catch Up” aligns with TiVo’s commitment to providing viewers with on-demand access to content, allowing them to stay current with their favorite series without being constrained by rigid broadcasting schedules.

Start Over and Restart a Live Show with Fioptics+


In conclusion, we believe that our new Fioptics+ boxes will provide a better enhanced TV experience to all our Fiber-enabled homes in Hawaii. With our new system we expect users to have a better experience with our TV service powered by TiVo.

To get more details about Fioptics+ speak with a rep at 1-808-600-3811.

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